In the UK there is no guidelines around exercising during and after cancer treatments. When is comes to fitness one size doesn’t fit all. It is about one’s physical makeup, and such insight can be used to determine the types of exercise that will work with the body, not against it.

Research has been carried out at the safety of physical exercises during and after cancer treatment.  In general it is recommended that the same level of activity for people with cancer is as for the general population.  This research has also reviewed what effect the exercise had.

How May Exercise Help?
Exercise can enrich your quality of life, making you feel at your best.  Exercising regularly may help speed recovery from cancer treatments, reduce stress and anxiety and give you more energy to live life well. It may also improve quality of sleep.

Precautions to consider:

Cancer affecting the bones
If cancer is affecting the bones a person might be more prone to breakages or fractures of the bones.  In this situation extra care must be taken.  Ideal exercises would be swimming and water aerobics, which will support the body weight, making sure the skeleton isn’t stressed.  Practicing gentle, therapeutic yoga during and after treatment helps with fatigue, and encourages deep relaxation.

Peripheral Neuropathy
If muscle control and co-ordination are compromised, falls can be of a concern, so extra care must be taken with every move. Peripheral Neuropathy can also reduce the ability to feel cuts, blisters or other damage.  Research has shown that regular strengthening exercises for peripheral neuropathy can moderately improve muscle strength, which in turn may reduce neuropathic pain.

Low Immunity
If the immune system is compromised a person is prone to get infections and may have a higher risk of viruses.  It is wise to avoid busy communal areas during this time, and work on a one to one basis with a professional trainer.

Physical Exercise we Offer at Finding Me:

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  • Restorative aerobics/exercise
  • Remedial yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Qigong

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