about the charity

Our vision is to create a facility that acts as a hub for people affected by cancer and their supporters – inspiring the means to empower them to take control of their own lives, nourishing their ability to live well. A hub that offers to support people with compassion and bring a renewed sense of belief and control to their lives.

Under our guidance and knowledge this will be achieved through individual personal therapies and sessions, workshops and group activities. We will support individuals to access the means to be able to discover ways to reduce stress levels and learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques; stay active and motivated; eat well and learn how the gut microbiome controls your physical biochemistry; and the mental biochemistry, which will help to strengthen the body’s immune system and reconnect with a person’s inner self and the things they truly love in life. All of which is paramount to living well.

There will also be on going training for professionals to enhance their expertise and confidence to support people affected by cancer.

Our highly qualified and insured team of complementary therapists/beauty therapists, personal trainers and tutors will give free or funded treatments/sessions to those affected by cancer. All can be adapted to suit an individual’s current health wants and needs.

There will be classes and one to ones for people affected by cancer and the public. These will include: Nutrition, programmed circuit training, yoga, tai chi, meditation/mindfulness and sound therapy. There will also be a range of complementary therapies on offer.

  • We are a very small CIC with limited amount of funds, however so far we have supported our clients with:
  • Over 200 complementary therapy sessions- two one day retreats, which was attended by over 30 people
  • A talk with Sophie Sabbage, which was attended by 42 people
  • An nutritional talk with Professor Robert Thomas which was attended by over 20 people
  • Ten one to one sound bath therapies
  • Four online one to one pilates guidance and class

A social distancing make up class before lockdown sadly prevented anymore, however more are planned
For the health and wellbeing of the community and to help fund Finding Me; we will be offering these adapted workshops/talks to the public and corporate sectors. This will inspire lifestyle healthier choices.

We have so much more planned for 2021!!